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When you choose Cape Settlements to handle your settlement and real estate transaction, we guarantee to always act in your best interest. It is our business to represent you during your proceedings, and we will always give you our insight into the process and advice about what to do next. 

Cape Settlements have been trading in the industry for over 16 years, so trust us to handle your real estate deal today. Our team will make sure the deal goes through quickly and without any problems that might delay the deal from going through. 

- How Can We Help You? -

Cape Settlements offers clients complete settlement services. From the point of sale to settlement of the transaction, we:

• Search the certificate of title at Landgate to confirm property identification and encumbrances pertaining to the land, such as easements, restrictive covenants and so on. ‘Searching’ is a conveyancing term and is essentially obtaining a copy of any documents relevant to a property that has been lodged at Landgate.

• Following up any special conditions relating to the Contract for Sale of Land by Offer and Acceptance to ensure the conditions are met by your satisfaction. 

• Prepare all documentation in respect of the transaction and arrange for you to sign. 

• Arrange for the documents to be stamped, i.e., transfer duty endorsed. 

• Prepare settlement statements and authorities or receipt of monies in respect to the transaction. 

• Liaise with lending institutions and all other parties involved in the settlement. 

• Keep you fully informed of the progress of the transaction. 

• Continually follow up all those involved in the transaction to ensure the settlement date has been arranged. 

• Arrange and attend the settlement, exchange of documents and receive and distribute monies to affect the settlement.

• Lodge all documentation at Landgate for Registration. 

• Monitor the dealing at Landgate to ensure the transaction is correctly registered. 

• Notify all relevant authorities to the change of ownership details.

In addition to transferring your property as a buyer or seller, we can handle the following settlement matters efficiently on your behalf:

• Application for amendment to names and/or addresses on title.
• Survivorship applications.
• Applications for new titles and for property development such as subdivisions and Strata Plans
• Private settlements
• Title searches
• And much more

If you’re ready to work with our real estate settlement agency, it’s important to call our team today. The earlier you involve our professional agents in the process, the smoother and quicker the transaction will be. To make an appointment with us or to ask any questions you may have, please call today or fill out the form on our contact page and we can get back to you.
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